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Critical Legislation Would Strengthen State’s Electoral Process, Ensure Votes Are Fairly & Legally Counted

Washington, D.C. This week, the Georgia Senate voted in favor of legislation to protect and strengthen the state’s electoral process and ensure every vote is counted fairly and legally. Senate Bill 241 would enact key reforms that, once signed into law, would immediately help Georgia maintain accurate voting rolls, limit illegitimate and unverified absentee voting, require voter ID for absentee voting, stop ballot harvesting, expand transparency and access to the election process, and more.

Former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, national chairman of the Election Transparency Initiative, issued the following statement:

“The Georgia House and Senate should each be applauded as national leaders in the movement to protect and strengthen elections in places around the country where our system has been abused, undermined, and degraded. Like many states, the reality is that Georgia’s current system leaves the door open for fraud, and every fraudulent vote is a direct assault on pro-life, pro-family Americans and our values. Now, it is imperative that the General Assembly move expeditiously to conference, where lawmakers should support the measures contained in the underlying Senate bill, which makes the strongest attempt to secure the fair and transparent elections Georgia voters deserve.”

The new election transparency effort is an initiative of the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) and American Principles Project (APP) to advocate free and fair elections that pro-life, pro-family voters can trust. SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser added:

“The integrity of our electoral system was severely compromised in 2020 when pro-abortion Democrats – utilizing the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse – weakened laws in states such as Georgia seeking to ensure free, fair, and transparent elections. We are encouraged to see the Georgia legislature take swift action to correct this injustice and urge them to send the strongest bill possible to the governor’s desk.

“While we work vigorously in Washington to oppose efforts to federalize election laws through bills such as H.R.1, we will do everything we can to bolster state activists fighting to ensure pro-abortion Democrats cannot make their control of government permanent. Now more than ever, it is critical that SBA List, APP, and the broader pro-life, pro-family movement engage in election reform to preserve our ability to elect pro-life lawmakers and pass laws that save lives.”

Susan B. Anthony List, American Principles Project, and their grassroots network of more than one million Americans from all 50 states are uniquely positioned to deliver targeted advocacy campaigns where it matters most, urging action from lawmakers and elected officials, and holding them accountable.




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