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An unprecedented assault is being waged on our democratic system of free and fair elections. It’s time to act—tell your state legislators to vote YES on election integrity and to REJECT the Ranked Choice Voting Scheme today.

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Meet Ken

Former Virginia Attorney General and Acting Deputy DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli serves as National Chairman of the Election Transparency Initiative.

For over 20 years, Ken has fought on the front lines of the conservative movement to defend our Constitution, preserve our sacred freedoms and liberties, protect the Rule of Law, and ensure that every American voice can be heard fairly and equally.
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NewsPress Release
April 16, 2024

Coalition Praises Missouri House for Banning Foreign-Citizen Voting & Ranked-Choice Voting Schemes

The radical Left can’t credibly say that they don’t want illegals to vote nor that foreign-citizen voting isn’t an issue worth addressing.
NewsPress Release
April 15, 2024

ETI Applauds Kentucky General Assembly & Secretary of State Adams for Protecting the Right to Vote, Banning Ranked-Choice Voting Scheme

Only U.S. citizens should decide the outcome of U.S. elections—an overwhelmingly obvious and popular position among voters of virtually every demographic.
NewsPress Release
April 10, 2024

ETI Applauds Gov. Youngkin for Rejecting Ranked-Choice Voting Scheme

We are grateful to Governor Youngkin for protecting the ideal of one person, one vote counted fairly, equally, and honestly.
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Most Americans Agree

80% of registered voters agree that strong safeguards and ballot protections inspire confidence by making it harder to hide fraud.

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